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Wer regiert das Internet? Regulierungsstrukturen und -prozesse im virtuellen Raum

It wasn’t long ago that everyone just wanted to get on the net. The question posed in a famous German commercial by the American provider AOL in the 1990s: “Am I in yet or what?” or the phrase “I’m going online” testify to the need for a smooth transition into virtual space. Thanks to technological development, we are hardly as aware of this transition today as we were in the days of whistling modems: many of our technical devices are now already constantly online and carry out the necessary connection procedures automatically. We can discover how impatient we may be when we are not online. It is enough to observe ourselves when we quickly dial into an available WLAN at the airport, in a café or on the marketplace with our notebook or smartphone and, in the usual manner, click away the terms of use as accepted without reading them, in order to quickly be “in.” There may be laudable exceptions to this careless behaviour; the opposite is the rule.

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