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Introducing the new EuRepoC website:
improved, interactive, and user-centric

We are proud to unveil the new EuRepoC website. Drawing from insights gained over the past year and valuable feedback from our varied stakeholders, we redesigned our website to introduce new features, enhanced navigation, and a fresh more intuitive layout. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

New Cyber Incident Dashboard:
Our key new feature is a brand-new interactive dashboard. Users can now explore 8 key themes about the cyber threat landscape via distinct tabs. These range from the main countries of origin of cyber incidents, types of initiators and targeted sectors, to the speed of incident attribution and the number of associated political and legal responses.

We recognise that our users have different needs. While some may seek overarching trends, others may want to dive into detail. Our dashboard now caters to both, by showing aggregate level insights while also enabling users to show details. Clicking on any data point in the different graphs displays details for all corresponding incidents.

New Table View to browse through cyber incidents:
We want to enable our stakeholders to use our data for their own purposes to further improve the knowledge base on cyber conflict. Through our new Table View, users can filter our database using 20 different options and directly download the filtered data in Excel format – updated daily. In addition, the Table View provides granular insights about each cyber incident, including all coded variables and source links. A radar chart has been introduced to compare how a specific cyber incident fares in terms of intensity and impact to other incidents in the database.

Enhanced user-experience:
We’ve decluttered our pages, improved website navigation, and introduced filtering options for our publications. All familiar EuRepoC products, including APT profiles, monthly Cyber Conflict Briefings, and spotlight articles can be found on our publication page. It is possible to sign-up for our daily cyber incident tracker and view past issues here. What’s more, we now offer an online interactive report updated monthly, monitoring how EU media is covering cyber incidents.

User feedback:
We’re constantly striving to improve our products and data to best fit the needs of our end users. With this in mind, we introduced a feedback form, enabling users to share their thoughts, suggestions, or concerns with us directly.

In essence, the updates to the EuRepoC website, particularly the new dashboard and table view, reflect our ongoing efforts to provide a platform that is both comprehensive and user-friendly. We invite you to explore the new features and join us in better understanding the global cyber threat landscape.

Welcome to our Cyber Incident Dashboard!

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