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Can Russia and the West Avoid a Major Cyber Escalation?

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many experts and cybersecurity agencies have issued warnings about possible Russian cyberattacks against critical infrastructure. So far, this threat has not materialized, although there have been attempted attacks. Additionally, many pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian hacktivists and cybercriminals have aligned themselves with the warring parties. These non-state actors have engaged in indiscriminate cyber operations against organizations associated with “the enemy,” including Western companies such as Nestlé. At the same time, Russia has announced that it will respond to this “cyber aggression” by the “collective West.” This begs the question of whether the cyber conflict surrounding the Russo-Ukrainian war will escalate. Moreover, is it possible that cyber operations will cross the conventional threshold and draw NATO directly into the conflict?

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Paradigmenwechsel in der europäischen Cyberabwehr

21 July 2023
Annegret Bendiek und Jakob Bund haben ein SWP-Aktuell zur Europäischen Cyberverteidigung veröffentlicht, indem sie die Notwendigkeit klar formulierter normativer Prinzipien herausstellen, für den Übergang von einer reaktiven zu einer aktiven Verteidigungspolitik.

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