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New Spotlight Article: In her Spotlight Article, "Turning the tables on the attackers: how to hack the hackers’ supply chains," Kerstin Zettl-Schabath discusses options to disrupt cybercrime services. You can read it and other analyses at our Cyber Unpacked page.
New APT Profiles: The EuRepoC team has posted two new APT Profiles on our website: Energetic Bear and Equation Group. You can read more about Advanced Persistent Threat groups here.
EuRepoC at the European Cyber Security Day: Kim Schuck and Jakob Bund presented EuRepoC at ESET's European Cyber Security Day.
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Launch Event in Brussels: Our team presented EuRepoC at our official launch event in Brussels.
EU Cyber Diplomacy between Facts and Norms:
EuRepoC Launches in Brussels

By Annegret Bendiek and Matthias C. Kettemann

On Monday, November 7th, the European Repository of Cyber Incidents (EuRepoC) was launched at the Permanent Representation of Germany in Brussels. The project’s team presented the Repository’s approach to an assembly of cyber experts, ambassadors, and the European cyber policy community, with whom they discussed the question: “What are the key characteristics of the project?”

Raising awareness: A key element of the project is its awareness-raising function. It provides facts and figures to ensure digestible information to both the general public and experts, while also ensuring highly-informed responses to large-scale cyber incidents among 27 EU member states. The project avoids the bias of media attention and the media’s focus on the most recent, the most spectacular, or the most “interesting” attacks.

Building trust: EuRepoC’s open-source database and transparent, politically-independent analytical capacity strengthen what is lacking in the political side of EU institutions. The project is science-led and analysis-focused, providing law- and social-science-based added epistemological and normative value to cybersecurity discourse. In light of the often-criticised lack of trust and cooperation, even between like-minded states, the project’s trust-building tools are essential to creating shared situational awareness, which is necessary for the Strategic Compass and all coordinated action on the EU level.

Informing politics: EuRepoC provides a database for EU cyber diplomacy actors. The project does not consider itself primarily part of the fight against classical cybercrime. The project’s fundamental ambition is to provide structured data and real-time analytics on crucial cybersecurity challenges while strengthening cyber diplomacy in the Common Foreign and Security Policy field. EuRepoC provides important insights for applying the Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox, thus contributing to the evolution of norms that make cyber diplomacy more predictable and responsive.

Ensuring validation: EuRepoC is an output-oriented, interdisciplinary analytical project which ensures validation through open-source intelligence and radical transparency. The project focuses on knowledge-gathering, insights, and analysis for different communities, rather than fact- and truth-finding. The project expects its analytical outputs to be contested and its normative conclusions to be questioned. Therefore, EuRepoC commits itself to the highest standards of due diligence.

Annegret Bendiek (SWP Berlin) and Matthias C. Kettemann (University of Innsbruck) are principal investigators for EuRepoC.

EuRepoC in Directions Blog: Matthias Schulze was recently featured in the Directions Blog, in which he discusses the value of EuRepoC's data-based approach in creating a more well-rounded EU cyber diplomacy framework. You can find it here.
EuRepoC in the Lawfare Blog: Matthias Schulze was recently featured in the Lawfare Blog, in which he contextualises the importance of the EuRepoC project for studying conflicts. You can find it here.
EuRepoC in the Tagesspiegel: Our team recently gave an interview to Tagesspiegel. You can find the paywalled article here.
Online Launch Event: On 14. November 2022, our team hosted our Online Launch Event from 14.00-15.00 CET. You can find out more and register here.

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The European Repository of Cyber Incidents (EuRepoC) is an independent research consortium that is dedicated to providing evidence-based scientific analysis of cyber incidents, making way for a better understanding of our current cyber threat environment. Its resources include user-specific, reliable data based on an interdisciplinary perspective, which aims to make this research network a public information forum on cyber incidents, their characteristics, and relevant trends.