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Internationale Cyberkonflikte: Der Blick auf Deutschland und die Welt

In their situation reports on cyber security in Germany, the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI 2021: 12) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI 2021) paint a dynamic picture of the situation: the enlargement of the German attack vector, which is already growing due to the steady digitisation of various areas of life and the economy and, most recently, the home office regulations of many companies; the increase in ransomware attacks with increasingly sophisticated malware; and the impact of special effects such as the Corona pandemic, which put the healthcare sector in particular at the center of cybercriminal activity (BMI 2021; BSI 2021). In this article, Kerstin Zettl-Schabath and Sebastian Harnisch supplement this picture of the situation by looking at international cyber conflicts and the risk situation for the Federal Republic.

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