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APT Profil – UNC1151

Fusing Technical and Social Vulnerabilities

About UNC1151

UNC1151 is a state-integrated hacking group (members of the Belarusian military, potentially supported by “quasi- seconded” officers of the Russian military intelligence service) and/or state-ordered hacking group (Belarusian military actors operating as proxies of Russian military intelligence). If, as reported by industry experts, UNC1151 operates from Belarusian soil and (at least for a part of its activities) coordinates with Russian military intelligence actors, as indicated by Recorded Future reporting from March 2022, the group’s further characterisation depends on whether its members are part of Belarusian military units or Russian citizens/military intelligence officers operating from Belarus. Based on the reported close connection between Belarusian and Russian intelligence services, Belarusian responsibility for the execution of UNC1151 activities, at the direction of or in consultation with Russian military intelligence actors, appears plausible.

Associated APT designations

Country of origin

Period of activity

Since at least 2017-today

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