Major Cyber Incidents (MaCIs)

In this series of publications, our team members provide an in-depth analysis of major cyber incidents, including their historical background and context; political, legal, and technical aspects of attacks; and their impacts on our interconnected world. Whether you are a cybersecurity expert, a political official, an academic, or involved in civil society or the media, this publication series enables you to stay up-to-date on major cyber incidents and the lessons learned from them. 


In this detailed analysis, Mika Kerttunen and Linda Liang discuss the attack on Bahraini oil company BAPCO by Iranian state-backed hackers. 



In this analysis, Mika Kerttunen and Jonas Hemmelskamp discuss NotPetya, which has been attributed to Russian APT Sandworm and was described as "the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history" by the United States.

MaCI: NotPetya (PDF)